Coproduction and User Centred Design

ATEL is expert in the implementation of user centred design approaches. We focus on gathering user requirements by innovative methods which allows an equal and creative interaction between users and experts.

We combine expertise of all stakeholders at every moment in the design process and are convinced that experts are not the only people that can introduce creativity.

Users can contribute to creative solutions by giving experts insights into solutions they “invented” themselves.

When creating intelligent environments, the stakeholders will be diverse in their roles, preferences and opinions. It is our challenge to not only develop concepts that are feasible and reliable, but to create concepts supported and accepted by the large group of stakeholders.

The stakeholders cover architects, housing providers, project developers, local authorities, NHS, product suppliers, care providers, technicians, advising agencies, informal carers and last but not least the end user.

ATEL can act as an intermediary independent organisation for all these stakeholders.