What is used in ATEL’s Smart Living Model?

Below gives an example of what makes up ATEL’s Smart Living Model. The blends of technologies are all interoperable giving clients a seamless whole systems solution using ATEL’s unique Grid System.

All of the technology is fully managed through ATEL’s bespoke Grid system which not only provides the interoperable seamless solution but also provides a number of other added benefits. These benefits would be extracting data, repairing and locating faults, monitoring outcomes, electronically storing client paperwork with the added benefit of software updates and new apps / technologies being added at any point to meet continued need.

The basket of technologies has been broken down for ease and to give an illustration of how needs are met.

Access Control

  • Automatic Apartment Door Opener
  • Automatic Patio Door Opener
  • Coded Access Reader
  • Biometric Access Reader
  • Iris Control Reader
  • Fob Access Reader
  • Safety Key switch to Override Automatic Lock
  • Automatic Lock
  • Access Control
  • Proximity Reader
  • Voice / Video Intercom

Environmental Control

  • Mode Lighting Control (Colour Change or Standard White Lighting)
  • Lamp Socket
  • Heating Control
  • Automatic Blinds Opener
  • Automatic Curtain Opener
  • Automatic Window Opener

Audio Visual

  • Smart (TV) Monitor (Care Plans, Skype Doctors Surgery, Upload Blood Pressure Readings, Manage Bills, Weekly
  • Shops, Socialisation, Education)
  • Automated Wall Bracket
  • Site Wi­Fi (or VIP Hotspot)
  • Voice Viper with control system
  • Tablets, Smart Phones, Bespoke Apps

Safety Aids

  • Water Shut Off Valve
  • Gas Shut Off Valve
  • Power Shut Off Key switch (Shuts off all power to Appliances)
  • Separate Ring Mains (Allows the Fridge/Freezer to be kept powered if the Power Shut off key switch is used)
  • Electrical usage Sensor
  • GPS Tracking Device

Telecare & Telehealth Accessories

  • DDA (Flashing Beacon, Pillow Vibrator, Vibrating Wrist Watch)
  • Alarm PIR
  • Epilepsy Sensor (Reports back to the Central Nurse Station so that Carers can Monitor Service Users)
  • Epilepsy Wrist Watch
  • Respiratory & Heart Rate Sensor (Reports back to a central Nurse Station to allow Carers to view the vitals of the service users)
  • Bed Occupancy Sensor
  • Enuresis Sensor
  • Universal Sensor (Exit Detector with timed events)
  • Fall Detector (Automatically senses if the user has fallen and remains immobile and will automatically raise an alert)
  • Touch Free Life Care System
  • Just Checking or equivalent
  • Bodi Trak Pressure Mapping Systems
  • Early Sense System

Control Device

  • ATEL Grid System
  • Eye gaze
  • Switches (Sip & Puff, Pillow, Chin, Head)
  • DX2 Joystick Controller
  • Mode Icon Keypad to Control: Lighting, Blinds, Windows, Heating, Doors (Scene style for HCC)
  • Universal Mode Control Panel
  • U­Drain
  • Gewatel Phone
  • Toby Churchill
  • PIR to Trigger Lighting/Movement

Aids & Equipment

  • Ceiling Track Hoist
  • Clos­o­Mat Toilet (or Equivalent)
  • Digital Shower (Allows Carers to control the shower, without getting wet. Allows time management of the Shower)
  • U­Drain Accessories
  • Specialist Bath (Allows Colour Changing and music to be chose for Service users to Aid in therapy sessions)