Seeing is Believing

We promote experiential design, because universal smart living needs to be experienced before one can fully understand the possibilities.

Our unique tool to make experiential design a reality will be to set up a proof of concept pilot with a number of local authorities where we have supported living schemes and we will set up an assessment apartment at each scheme.

ATEL will use this facility as:

  • Demo platform – to show the latest available products and services to a wide variety of people and potential customers such as Health and Social Care Staff, Carers etc.
  • Assessment platform – to assess individuals needs post tenancy. ATEL is also developing its own unique electronic assessment tool.
  • Research platform – to integrate, test and validate new innovative products and services with end users
  • Educational platform – to show the possibilities of technology in a real life setting to students and to inspire them

ATEL also offers practical and individual guidance to its clients. The basis of our work is shaping technology and services together with our client and relevant stakeholders. Technology and services are supporting, not leading. We are dedicated to create synergy between the wishes and needs on the one hand and technical solutions on the other.

This leads to a clearer view on the real demands of the client.

As the process moves on, more details are added and the ideas are adapted to new insights. In this iterative process, ATEL safeguards the client’s needs as the driving force in design.

Within research projects, ATEL aims to be the leading partner in pilot design, field trials and user evaluations. Starting from a user­centred approach, ATEL defines and designs the system and is involved in the evaluation of developed technology and services in real life situations.

ATEL recognises that the process of moving innovations out of the laboratory into real homes is delicate and must never be underestimated. We see it as our duty to study people in situ, in real homes, to gather a rich and in­depth understanding about people’s wishes and needs.