Progress through cooperation

ATEL works very closely with industry, via our partner community of more than 60 individual organisations and companies. The community is a network established by ATEL that facilitates contact, cooperation, and knowledge exchange among its members. It is an exclusive group of innovative companies and organisations, including an increasing number of organisations that work with ATEL to implement “Universal Smart Living”, such as individual companies, health and social care commissioners, health and social care providers, and housing associations.

ATEL is now becoming recognised as a knowledge partner in this specialist area of Health and Social Care.

Together with our partner community we aim to stimulate innovation by forming innovative pilots and or project groups or clusters that jointly work together to work on solutions for new models of care. We take on the role of encouraging and supporting partners in shaping future visions for new models of care through the unique universal smart living model, whilst
then seeing the vision through to inception.