ATEL offers a range of universal smart living solutions for people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, complex needs or behaviour that challenges and older adults within Extra Care.

We work with Health and Social Care Commissioners, Health and Social Care Providers, Registered Social Landlords, Housing Providers and Developers.

Who do we work with?

Health and Social Care Commissioners

ATEL assists commissioners by offering bespoke universal smart living solutions specific to an individual’s needs. This creates greater independence and efficiencies whilst still maintain high levels of quality care. The model also supports strategic development of existing and future specialist supported living environments that will support “The Right Care at the Right Budget at the Right Time”.

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Health and Social Care Providers

ATEL provides Health and Social Care Providers with the technology and data to improve care, reduce costs and plan for the future. Through a range of integrated smart living technology solutions, we can ensure a scheme supports each individual’s requirements from the moment they move in, and for years to come.

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Registered Social Landlords, Housing Providers and Developers

There is an urgent and growing need across the UK for effective accommodation for adults with a variety of supported living needs. ATEL works with Registered Social Landlords (RSL’s), Housing Providers and Developers to design and implement the universal smart living concept within specialist supported accommodation.
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